Summer 2011 volunteering/preparation

Posted: May 29, 2011 in Preparation


Is wondering whether a 35 litre ruck sack is really enough for 3 months in South America… how many pairs of pants and socks do I really need!?

Too late, off to Jonoooooooooos


Woke up at my a mate’s house in Saltash this morning with his cat sleeping on me; when I woke up she brushed her tail under my nose… does that mean cats need feeding?

Spent the day FINALLY being able to upload photos onto my blog-spot-space-web… Also managed to link up twitter/word press/facebook to all talk to each other AND blog/message from my phone. All in all a successful day



Triple espresso macchiato and a bacon sandwich seems in order

Right as of tomorrow morning at 7.45am my journey will officially begin!

  1. packed and ready to go… few nights with friends and mum before LONG flight

  2. Robin says:


  3. Dana says:

    Aw, I will miss your morning texts Bp x

  4. Dave says:

    Man. we gotta get a cycle travel trip organised. y’know, sometime before we’re 40!

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