Arrival in Rio de Janeiro

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Brazil

After a 12 hour flight I landed safe and sound… to a rather warm and welcoming 23 degree evening.

The flight itself was eventful to say the least; lads on a rugby tour who consumed a similar volume of alcoholic fluids as the aeroplane burnt in fuel, a screaming baby and an irrate mother,  several EXTREMELY camp air hosts(esses!) who flirted continually with the rugby lads, an infuriatingly empty chicken tikka wrap and a LARGE amount of turbulence.

Landed and exited the airport without needed to wait for luggage (the benefit of travelling light.) I asked prices for taxis to my hostel to be told 100R (40 pounds) that promptly dropped to 80R… I told them to take a hike and found an air conditioned bus for 9R

Couple of beers with my new American and Australian best mates and bed… cream crackered.


Nite nite it´s been a long 5751 miles today!


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