Safely in Salvador … in a manner or speaking

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Brazil

Alas my bargaining skills came a cropper on landing in Salvador at 23.30. I missed the last bus which would have cost R$2.50 (1 squid) and entered the fast and furious verbal malstrom that is taxi fare bargaining… The airport price is R$100 (40 squid) so expected ´unofficial´ taxis to start at half that R$50. I guessed my opening gambit would be R$20,  which is still 8 times more than the bus. After AN HOUR of hard bartering he had dropped to R$40 on the condition another passenger doubled up with me… I was tired and gave up… another 30 minute wait and the deal was done and the taxi prompted whisked me off to a club 18-30 1980´s souless white tiled hospital-like hotel/hostel, some you win and some you loose.

I popped out for a brisk ceveja and within 10 minutes was offered cocaine, marijuana and the services of 4 ladies (2 of which I think came together?) I sensed it was time for sleep…

By the way, welcome to Salvador everyone x

  1. Kat says:

    Predictable yet amusing… 🙂

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