Heading south into Argentina -Tropic of Cancer

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Argentina, Bolivia

Leaving Uyuni on an very cold, bouncy, uncomfortable over night bus I head south to the Tupiza, then onto Villazon which is the last town on the Bolivian side of the border. After no sleep whatsoever I cross into La Quiaca on the Argentinian side, enjoy a quick coffee and sandwich before heading off on another bus this time to Tilcara, an ¨alternatives¨ mountain haven, with a variety of washed out artists, musicians, stoners, travellers and white middle class wannabe dread-sters.  Or an official tourist guide summerised,

popular among the hippies and artist community and often has an open art market selling stuff the hippies make.

All in all quite a relaxed place you may say, I stayed for three nights in the end. It was only supposed to be an over night stop!

I also took full advantage of the location and did some rambling while I was there.  Pucará, a pre-Columbian fortification who´s ruins date from the 11th to 15th centuries.

Garganta del Diablo (Giant´s throat), a  10 mile round trip, to a sheer caynon formed by techtonic plate shift which ripped the ground in two. I enjoed the walk but felt slightly overwhelmed when I saw a local jog up and RUN down again, hmmm all done at altitude… Mega fit I tell you!

I also did a day trip to Humahuaca, the next village/town up (1 hour bus trip) which was slightly less tourist orientated and developed, there is a cool monument there by a ´well known´sculptor?

…with atmospheric cobblestoned streets, adobe houses and quaint plaza. You can feel the nearby puna here, with chilly nights, sparse air and a quiet Quechua population. Humahuaca feels less affected by tourism than the towns further south, and is the better for it.


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