San Pedro Atamcama – CHILE

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Chile

Started next post whilst waiting for my bus, so am not actually there yet…

I arrived safe and sound after an unexpectedly comfortable over night bus trip, the bus is the best I have experienced so far I´d say. I left on time at 01:00 sunday morning, slept  fair bit en route, and arrived an hour late at 14:00 sunday afternoon… delays due to the fact the Chilean border crossing agents were being complete nuggets and checking EVERY item of clothing, luggage, etc. The indignation on the face of many tired, stressed and irritable back packer was evident… especially amongst my female counterparts. Having to EMPTY their rucksacks, trawl though every item of clean and dirty unwear, tops, halter neck tops, strapless tops, t shirts, etc then repack without the benefit of having a spare two hours! *giggles*

The Andes crossing from Salta to San Pedro Atacama through Jama Mountain Pass was spectaculor! At 4900 meters it was quite a trek up and back down the otherside, for all you none mechanically minded people, engines lose a 3-5% of power lost for every 1000 feet/300metres at altitude, so we were not breaking any speed limits!


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