Packed, ready and raring to go…

Posted: January 12, 2012 in India


*I have noticed that today’s youth seem to use the word ‘so’ to start virtually every sentence and felt like dipping my toe back into the world of youth speak/popular culture*

what am I doing this weekend, my last before my next adventure in India?

Well I am rather excited to be sampling some of my friends home brew, although his ‘Salt-smash ale’  is only around 1% proof, so it would take 20 pints to tranquilize a Dartmoor pony. His beer production technique however has come along way since his first batch which tasted somewhere between battery acid and effervescent pipe cleaner.

Will be staying in Saltash over the weekend and travel up to London on the legendary ‘mega bus’ which is an experience in itself. Tickets costing a quarter of the regular price Great Western trains of National Express it has quickly become the mode of transport for unwashed, spotty, drunken, foul mouthed students and degenerates of all kinds – I joke not, the level of conversation is similar to that you would expect in the proverbial gutter or brothel… and as for the smell!? Why then do I choose to travel in such crud, truth be told I should of booked advance apex train tickets but postponed and the price tripled. Let that be a lesson to you Mr Franklin.


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