In the news today…

Posted: January 30, 2012 in 2011 Winter - India, India

One headline that stood out for me,

BHOPAL: Tired of being sexually abused by her ex-lover, a 35-year-old woman chopped off the head of her tormentor with an axe at Amoga village near Katni in Madhya Pradesh on Thursday.

In a country where divorce is almost impossible is this justice or murder??

Sorry about the macabre nature of that story but I was astonished to find in the column next to the business news!

Sat reading the Indian Times over breakfast is rather fun as they tend to use words and sentences that have long since fallen out of use and are now left forgotten, languishing on the proverbial literary rubbish dump in England. The old fashioned syntax and perfectly polite queens English carry my mind back colonial times past; gentleman and ladies, home made lemonade, cucumber sandwiches and summer school.

I have recently re-discovered a love of Belinda Carlisle. Once a favourite for igniting hormonal teenage crushes and wildly over exaggerated the resulting expectations from girlfriend/boyfriend relationships, which inevitably led to broken heart and sleepless nights. I hope this time round being rather older and wiser I can subdue the raw angst and unbridled emotions that come flooding back!!


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