Why the need for doubt?

Posted: June 16, 2012 in 2012 Summer - South East Asia, Vietnam

Today after waking up  made my way to the bathroom to shower and clean my teeth. A chap sat outside who was sharing our dorm said, “I think someone is in there.” (The door indeed was closed which is a sign that the bathroom is in use, as the lock doesn’t work, so I waited.) A couple of minutes later a girl appeared, kissed the chap and they started discussing their day….Why am I bothering to report this you wonder.

Well here is my problem. The chap knew his girlfriend was in the bathroom so why did he say he THOUGHT someone was in the bathroom? Wouldn’t it have been easier and more acurate to say, “my girlfriend IS in the bathrooom?”

I was sat there putting my trainers on later and was close to asking out of curiousity but decided not to…



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