Haiphong to Hue – overnight ‘sleeper’ bus

Posted: June 18, 2012 in 2012 Summer - South East Asia, Vietnam

After my last overnight bus from Hong Kong I was relatively optimistic for my next.

Unfortunately I had not properly observed the difference between Chinese motorway conditions to the border, which were quiet smooth and quiet compared with their Vietnamese counterparts, which were bumpy, traffic filled and a continual blare from the orchestra of scooter/bus/lorry horns reverberating through my pillow… The bus should really be called the ‘lay down’ bus rather than the ‘sleeper’ bus asI think that would be fairer desciption!

At one stage at ‘who knows am’ in the morning the night train from Hanoi was alongside for several minutes which was rather fun as I could see into all the carriages. It must have been travelling a quite a pace, seeming to clip the fronts of shops and houses that appear to sit too close to the track for the train to squeeze through.

I managed to catch a few winks here and there but feeling rather fatigued this morning 😦 Needless to say I was not ready for the in service ‘hot spicy noodle soup’ at 5.30am but it gave me something to do as the entire bus of locals just sat and stared and me… I pressume that kind of thing isn’t rude over here!!

On arrival to Hue I had an orange juice/cordial drink and headed for the dreaded motorbike taxi rank. As I approached the vultures swung into overtime touting with their unyielding yells of MOTO… MOTO… MOTO… YOU WANT MOTO MR? The first two ‘wannabes’ started at 400,00 which quickly dropped to 300,00. I simply laughed and pulled funny faces, whilst violently gesturing at his fuel tank  asking him who many times he would like me to fill it. An older bloke spoke some vietnamese to them and they all laughed, I breathed a sigh of relief, he swung round on his scooter and paid 30,000 for the 5 minute trip <1 squid in real money> DEAL 🙂

Checked in and wandered off to Train station to purchase my next ticket


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