DAY 1 – London to Miami

Posted: March 13, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

After a 5.00 am foggy start my morning double espresso at the airport was ruined by landing an £80 excess baggage charge, despite previous assurances from telesales staff no surcharge would be incurred for taking my bike. I was even more cross as I had decided to cycle with the BARE MINIMUM to get my bike packaged in under 23kg.. 3 pairs of pants will have to surfice!

Boarding and departure punctual and pleasant, although sat in a plane in a traffic jam still seems wrong to me somehow.

Being an American airline they pump you with food and drink every 10-20 minutes which seems to fit the stereotype of Americans by and LARGE… I do find that over zealous service slightly false and unsettling, when all I asked for was a glass of water. “You are so welcome!  Anything else I can help you with? HAVE A NICE FLIGHT!” with that Las Vegas smile is surely a bit OTT?

I watched The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug, which nicely reduced my conscious flying time by 2 hours 43 minutes 🙂

Just watched a marvellous programme called ‘Brew Dogs’ in which two scots brewers flew to Settle to make the most caffinated coffee/chocolate dark stout ale in the world.. What a fabulous idea. However due to those interfering bodies over at the FDAA who slapped a federal warrant on them not allowing them to use crystallised pure caffeine, they were forced to double up on espresso grind instead.

Landed in Atlanta, Georgia – bouncy and with a side wind.

Happy to see my bike arrive seemingly undamaged, hauled it 400 metres from one grey room surrounded by idle looking men in uniforms to an identical grey room/group of men.

Amazing coffee and bagel whilst waiting for connecting flight to Miami

Flight took off with a few almighty bumps which turned the rather flamboyant ‘bruno-type’ rainbow fellow next to me a rather sickly green.. I sensed he had had one too many beers between flights. That’ll learn him a lesson.. Ansome 🙂

Expenditure to date $4.21

  1. Jane and John says:

    Glad you got away and arrived safely. Will settle up upon your return. Happy cycling!

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