Day 2: Miami, FL (Ellen Haas)

Posted: March 14, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco


Woke up with a headache this morning which I put down to 4 hour time difference, 24 hours travelling and in flight dehydration/recycled air. I have spent the first few hours drinking water and FRESHLY squeezed orange juice.

Staying in the the suburbs of the city in little Cuba on 10th on 62nd.. Superb coffee shops on every corner for just over a dollar (£0.70)


Reassembled my bike which all seems to work, although the front disc has been knocked and bent a bit so it’ll need straightening out at a local bike shop.

Being Miami it’s 25 degrees and SUNNY.. And it’s only 9.45am

Have just realised how poor and infrequent public transport is in Miami as EVERYONE drives EVERYWHERE irrelevant of the distance. I have been waiting 35 minutes for a bus on one of the main thoroughfares into the city. Infact the chance you are a white Caucasian male waiting for a bus is so unlikely you are probably waiting for a homosexual experience – I have already been approached by two men smiling and leaning over provocatively against the bus stand winking. When I didn’t respond they left.

Spend the day walking around Miami waterfront and marina, playground of the rich and famous. The city is exactly as I had expected.. Money, cars, fashion, glitz and glamour abound. Not really my cup of tea truth be known.



Downtown street shot.

I’ve come to the realisation I must look Cuban or Hispanic.. Lots of embarrassed passengers chatting away to me in Spanish before it dawns on them I have no idea what they’re saying.

Start cycling tomorrow

Expenditure $24.85


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