Day 3: Miami – Lake Worth

Posted: March 15, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

After a very early night and a good 9 hours sleep, I’ve packed my bike, eaten a bowl of microwave reheated pasta and hit the road just before dawn. I am hoping to catch sunrise over Miami Beach.

Florida does boast beautiful beaches, mile after mile of white sand. 25 miles in and looking for a hydration pit stop came across this beauty. Why can’t brit cop cars look this cool? You wouldn’t mind getting pulled over as much if they did! Film set of Robocop or Mad Max I’m thinking…


I’m being buffeted by a strong side wind off the Atlantic which is proving to be rather a pain. It swirls around the buildings so it hits you from every which way. I am hoping it will keep the temperature down a bit.


Nice building I guess.. Until I realised 10 miles later what real architecture should look like.. Ansome 🙂


Pulling into Fort Lauderdale all was going well, I stopped for a coffee at Starbucks and a toilet stop. On returning to my bike discovered it was flat 😦 Good to get the ONLY flat of my trip out the way early I guess. Met a fellow cyclist from Canada who offered me his van for shade as I swapped tyre and patched puncture.


He was on a month trip to Florida after retiring and was much happier than the photo suggests!

Stopped off at a cafe and managed to wangle a free burger and fries if I bought a coke and wrote a good review. OCEANS GRILLE, 3704 NORTH OCEAN DRIVE if you’re ever in the area 😉

I didn’t cycle between 1.00 and 3.00 as it was too warm so I found a shaded area near the beach and relaxed with cold drinks, newspapers and people watching.

Last 40 km.we’re really hard as bottom and legs were starting to ache. Heading through one town after the next, my GPS assuring me I was getting ever closed to my next house, a cold beer and a HUGE meal

Arrived! Legs ruined and sore bottom. 130 km is the longest distance I have ever travelled in a day before.

Expenditure $17.19

  1. Roger says:

    Well done Ben! Great to read how it is going so far!

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