Day 4: Lake Worth (Chuck Walker)

Posted: March 16, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

After a double Irish burger, selection of sides and a couple of Guinness I crashed last night.. 9 hours uninterrupted sleep


Overcast morning (cooler) and time for my double espresso macciato and a walk on the beach, followed by a huge omelette with everything, well deserved I think.

Off to a local bike shop for supplies.



Atlantic Mackerel and Blue fish being caught of the pier and being sold in swanky restaurants for $20-30.. Nice income for local kids I’d say

Spent the day relaxing before the next long leg 100km, will be heading off at 6am to get the bulk of the journey out the way before the afternoon heat.

J walked for my first time ever and felt incredibly rebellious 🙂

Chose a 4000 calorie pizza for dinner.. Loading up ready for tomorrow.

Expenditure $34.91


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