Day 5: Lake Worth to Fort Pierce

Posted: March 16, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

5.45 start. Have decided to cycle as early in the morning as possible as the heat in the afternoon is too much for me. Will try and get most the ride done before midday. Done 10 miles already and it’s only 7 now. Quick coffee break and water bottle fill up, care of Starbucks, then off again


Sunrise as I’m leaving North Palm Beach… Land of the beautiful people!

Almost half way there and it’s only 9am.. ‘here comes the sun’


Press on šŸ™‚

5 minute break on the side of the road. 60km done and it’s 9.45am, pretty good progress. Dog walked by my bike, sniffed the wheel and started barking loudly. Any dog owners out there care to explain what that means!?

Just cycled along Jupiter island which was absolutely beautiful and home to the fabulously wealthy… Bet their budget is more than $25 a day šŸ˜¦

Passing through Stewart and back onto Dixie Highway I now have my own cycle path


You got to love those crazy Americans.. Their signs can be such a great help when navigating the country



Arrived at 1pm before the heat arrived.. Great ride today. I had a decent breeze on my back the whole way to legs had a break. Right knee is sore – ligament probably. Will take a while for them to get to terms with cycling so will stick to pharmaceuticals until they are up to the job. Downing a few ice cold water whilst I attempt to contact my host.


Fort Pierce is a VERY old settlement on the Florida sand bank.. Just between you and me that means just over 100 years in real terms šŸ˜‰

Expenditure Ā£39.23


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