Day 7: Melbourne (Tom and Sheila) to Orlando

Posted: March 18, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco


Another 7am start after a hearty breakfast headed out into the damp and grey. Big thunder storm last night had only just cleared. Heavy rain was still belting down at 5 this morning.

Coffee stop at an hour in which was half price sun starting to break through black cloud cover.

Anyone fancy a soda, corn dog and grits from Fiske Grocery?



‘Dam that some calories right there boy’

Just got my second flat of my trip, 30 miles away from Orlando on highway 520. The bike shop sold me 3 spare tubes which turn out not to fit so had to use a patch and the remainder of my tyre glue. One more flat today and I’m walking 😦

Feeling pretty demoralised… 3 hours cycling making virtually no progress. Ardously pedalling into a 20 mph headwind so I’m only managing 6 mph.

Now got a long 5km gentle incline STILL heading into the wind 😦

Not how I am feeling


Breeze has finally died down a bit and stop at the this place for an energy and water refill. Turns out it was a perfect place, a honey factory. Chatted with the owners about their 20+ varieties of honey and added them on trip advisor. In return he gave me a free bottle for ’emergency energy’


If anyone is in the area feel free to drop by.. Webb’s Honey House on 520 near East Colonial end

Last 10 miles rolled into Blitho and found my first gun store. I had to go in and touch some cold steel…



Arrived safe, knackered and deflated, ready for a beer. Will be staying with a naturist tonight.. Never met a naturist before, what do they believe other than nudity?

Expenditure $7.19


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