Day 8: Orlando (Gary B) to Wildwood

Posted: March 19, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Gary B – fully clothed for the photo!


Felt quite poorly last night which I sense was heat exhaustion (not heat stroke as that’s fatal!) Cycling in the sun is not fun so have left in the cool of the morning and will not cycle between 12-4pm. Hope to find some shade today as I’m doing a large lake trail which I’m looking forward to.

Making good progress this morning through town, 1 hour 19 km and a free ice coffee and double chocolate doughnuts care of Dunkin Doughnuts.


Another beautiful morning.. Feel it warming up already at 9am!

Cycling along Apopka lake which is stunning. Eagles, falcons, wading birds and CROCODILES. I went through a locked gate and am slightly worried that some ate very close, if not on the road? They seem docile but I got to say I’m pretty nervous :-/ Should they be on the road, they seem to be sunning themselves – being cold blooded and all.


3.20 hours 55km.. Nice pace today

Brief lunch stop for toasted sandwich, chocolate fix and water


Got some free food from KFC at second lunch break and wifi. Will wait at least an hour before venturing out into the sun for the final hour push to Wildwood.

Expenditure $9.49


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