Day 10: Ocala (Mike and Bernice) to Gainsville

Posted: March 21, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Another lovely evening with Mike and Bernice Miller… Mike taught me a lot about saddle position, posture, decent tyres and derailer settings. I feel more and more like a cyclist with each passing day and less like a fraud 😉


In the morning after a full size bowl of homemade granola and grapefruit juice we set out together for the first 10 miles as they knew a few short cuts and to make sure I got on the right root.

After another flat tyre, cup of coffee and spicy snacks care or Sam (the Indian corner shop guy) I bid fairwell to M and B as I turn left onto NW 100th and they take a right.. Will miss Mike and his frequent rapid puncture turn around. I have saved his mobile number for my next emergency!


Lunch was a 3 piece chicken meal at a petrol station at 10.30am. I spoke briefly to a couple of locals about my charity cycle ride and I’m not sure the could fathom the motivation to participate in such an epic adventure. The mentality here is, “why you walking



Passing through Paines Prarie State Preserve and Barr Hammock Reserve which is popular for walking and mountain biking – plenty of trees, trails and lakes. Bumped into a retired chap called Harold who asked me a thousand questions about England, he assumed I probably knew his brother in law which I assured him I didn’t. His response, “Gee that’s a darn shame. He’s a pain in the ass but shoot he’s ok”


Rolled into Gainsville at 2pm and met my hosts Shelly and Angel before heading into town for coffee, wifi and air conditioning 🙂

Had a great chat with Angel about the university’s fraternities and sarorities. Under graduates take it all VERY seriously and getting into the right one can make or break your time at college.. And potentially the REST of your life!!

Apparently you can only date boys and girls from the right group… Seems a bit like the cast system in India to me. Hmm I guess that is a discussion for another time. I’m off to hand with the beta beta gamma kappa crew!?

Just got a 50% discount on a meal with a mountain of salad and 4 dressings.

Off for a walk around town




Expenditure $12.19


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