Day 12: Rest day (Benny and Sandy)

Posted: March 23, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Woke up at 7.30 to use truck stop toilets, I won’t be adding photos, I’ll let you guess the condition. This little chap sat watching me


Off for a coffee, eggs, pancakes and maple syrup. Met a guy who was cycling from Gainsville to Pensacola and back to collect some medical test results. He could afford greyhound bus so was pedalling a smashed up old mountain bike with a tarpaulin and sleeping bag strapped across the handle bars. He had run out of food stamps yesterday so I bought him a $2 chilli dog with everything, he seemed quite moved. I’m not sure anyone else had helped him out. He had 100 miles left to get back which he said he’d cover today and Monday. I wished him well and headed into town.

New tyre seems ok but unable to fully inflate as the tyre is 5 -10 mm too big for rim but have no other options. Runnimg at 50 psi rather than 90 as I don’t want it to lift and allow tube to balloon out and burst… Short term fix that I hope gets me to Tallahasse!?

Rolled up for the 10.30 service at First Baptist Church and already been offered several lunches and a guest house to sleep in tonight. Glad to be packing up and leaving the truck stop. I sense the ladies at church are going to insist in a BIG EAT day!

Great service, group of 9 people back from Guatemala on mission. Food, stoves, roofing, housing etc as well as prayer and pastoral work. Inspiration stuff – all who went were genuinely changed I sense. I pray the change of heart and mental reevaluation of what is actually important in life. I know teaching, volunteering and overseas work has drastically changed my outlook, priorities and life focus 🙂

Tried inflating tyres but suspect bulge appeared and rather than run them fully loaded I took them back to Walmart, got a refund and will purchase exact ones from a bike shop tomorrow, I do not want any high speed blow outs to be honest!

Early night for me before I collect NEW TYRES tomorrow

Expenditure $3.19


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