Day 13: Rest Day (Benny and Sandy)

Posted: March 24, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Lovely long sleep in today followed by emailing with purring cat and breakfast (Canadian bacon, eggs, sour bread, grits and organic salsa)

Thank you Sandy


Starbucks triple espresso macciato and visit to ‘sunshine cycles’ in Tallahassee and got a great deal on a kevlar Bontrager tyre and inner tube. They said front tyre was good and didn’t need replacing. Total price came in just under $50 dollars, 20 of which Sandy paid for 🙂


Nice 🙂

Off back to Perry to load up the bike and have lunch – Turkey, tomato, lettuce, mayo on toasted sour bread with freshly squeezed carrot juice. With the amount of food I am eating I sometimes wonder whether this should be a culinary blog rather than a travel blog!

I am due to set out again tomorrow morning at 6am to Tallahassee – where I will be staying with Roger Berthold. Using warm showers it is rather exciting arriving in a new place not really having a clue what my new host will be like, only knowing that we have cycling in common! < As you cycle from place to place you are able to leave feedback and receive feedback> So far I have not had a bad experience, everyone being really hospitable, encouraging and generous.

Tonight Benny may be teaching me how to shoot. He will start me off with an air rifle, move onto a .22 then onto some BIG GUNS all being well – I will try not to kill myself

The coming few days should be a nice ride as I head into slightly hillier countryside covered with trees and lakes. Florida itself is  500 mile sand bar which is pretty flat, covered by swamps/marsh and the warm, white, sandy coastline which is the largest in the USA. The beaches have been attracting tourism for over 100 years, thanks to The Florida East Coast Railway (FEC), built by Henry Flagler’s after his doctor advised him to take his ill wife to Jacksonville to avoid the cold winter. Finding nowhere suitable to stay on his return in 1885 he began building a grand St. Augustine hotel, the Ponce de Leon Hotel.

Successive years on he continued to develop the cities, tourist infrastructure and extended the rail road further south to Daytona in 1889. Then onto Titusville and West Palm Beach, when in the winter of 1894/1895, much of Florida suffered a deep freeze which encouraged him to continue the track to Biscayne Bay 1896  – modern day down town Miami.

Since the turn of the century wealthy Americans <and more recently not so wealthy Americans> have been spending winter along the Florida coast avoid the cold winters experienced further north, which in the present day 60 million  tourists account for the largest percentage of GDP

Benny came home and I duly took a photo of the bike before making a fruit smoothie


The shed in the back ground was a fully fitted bespoke guest room with sporting trophies such as a preserved barracuda and stags head.

Out shooting a gloc 9mm…


Ain’t no thang 🙂

Expenditure $32.89

  1. Sandy Duff says:

    The First Baptist Church of Blountstown is located at Hwy 71, 17091 S. Main St. It is over 100 years old. The pastor is Rev. Purvis. They do not have meals on Wednesday night any more. Their service starts at 6:00 pm. They have gotten you a place to stay at a motel. If you get to the church after the service, call Maryland Van Lierop (she is from Holland) H-850-674-2411 cell-850-643-6941. The church office is open until 4:30 pm. It is located behind the church building. Maryland is working in the church office filling in for the regular secretary who is off today. The church office phone number is 850-674-5923. Please contact them so they will have an idea of what time you may arrive. I know it will be cold tomorrow morning. But it is suppose to warm up later. We are so thankful we were able to help you and have a super time with you. God Bless you. We will be following you trip as you give updates. Praying for you too, Sandy & Benny

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