Day 15: Tallahassee (Scot B + friends) to Blountstown

Posted: March 26, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Goodbye cycle house! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

I took a long coffee break before cycling today, from 6 – 7 am chatting to Scot. Atomic Coffee was super quiet so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Really cold start this morning, I could actually see my breath! Wish I had purchased a pair of gloves now, although sun coming up now so things should start to warm up. Took a 20 minute warm up in dollar general… Hot tap on feet and air blower for hands.



Which way!?

I’ve decided that State Road 20 is the best stretch of road I’ve been on so far. Smooth, fast, wide cycle lane and seemingly downhill. Oh and a slight tail wind… Thumbs up!

Starting to warm up at last, I may take my jacket off soon.


Lunch at Hosworth 55km in cost $2 and for a 6 piece chicken meal with spicy wedges, think there may of been some kind of discount added
Final 30 to go, eta 1pm all being well.

Second lunch cost me $1.39 for a burrito, cheesecake and litre of tea. Another well negotiated discount done me thinks.

Arrived and local church found out about my cycle ride and put me up in a motel which I’m pretty stoked about. Tonight was going to be a roadside sleep again otherwise.



‘o wr atesi s mi truck parking. ffee hbo & cable. mcro fridge’

Everything seems hunky dory here 🙂

Just had supper with Gary Purvis a member of First Baptist Blountstown
Great evening with engaging conversation. It is always nice finding out what makes other people tick. Shared a fair bit in common and learnt a thing or two as well. I can now claim to know what a weevil is!

Good night all

Expenditure $9.59


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