Day16: Blountstown to Panama City

Posted: March 28, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Thank you First Baptist Church Blountstown for accommodating and feeding me. I noticed a breakfast message written on the wall of the cafe as I was wolfing down eggs, bacon, grits and toast:


I reckon that’s a pretty relevant message in my humble opinion!

Left later this morning as I enjoyed a sleep in, so wasn’t pedalling til gone 9. Filled my water bottles with sweet ice tea from Mc Donalds and headed out onto State Road 20.



Forgotten old beauties ripe for restoration.

Waterproof cover on because a storm front is coming in, but I plan to be in Panama City before it breaks.

Oh dear, welcome to America


I’ve had my own road now for 30 minutes, not a car in sight. Disturbed a group of vultures devouring a dead dear but will save you the photos!


I’ve been cycling on tender hooks last 45 minutes. The road was not tarmacked so I was biting my lip as I desperately weaved around rocks and sharp stones fearing for a puncture. Luckily made it back onto a sealed road… success


After an hour of super smooth tarmacked road racing along with the wind on my back I suddenly hit, you guessed it, SAND 😦 I screeched to a halt, front tyre sunk into the soft sand and I almost went flying, luckily got my foot down and managed to stop myself from coming off. Do I walk or turn around I am asking myself. Time for some southern sweet tea while I ponder that one for a while.


40 minutes walking and the smooth black stuff returns, which means it’s time to remount and kick on.


Cool wooden bridge held together with whooping iron rivets – rather geeky but I momentarily felt like I was on the classic movie set of ‘stand by me.’

Last 10 miles and I’m craving calories. Walked into Burger King, given $10 worth of food for $2 AND 2 customers in the queue gave me 10 each and told me to get dinner and a beer when I arrive in Panama City! I didn’t realise my budget would stretch so far… Let alone increase 🙂

Arrive into Panama City, knackered and tendon in the back of my knee playing up. Anti inflammatories and beer needed I think, enjoying supper and evening conversation with Roger. I wonder what his favourite state is, I’ve been asking Americans I’ve met en route. Utah, Colorado and Oregon all rate very highly.

Lovely house overlooking the lagoon which sits alongside the Gulf of Mexico.

Goodnight all

Expenditure $9.19


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