Day 17: Panama City (Roger B) to Destin

Posted: March 29, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Good bye Roger B.. Time to cycle inbetween the drizzle!


Spent a great evening with Roger and Katrina chatting about warm showers, party politics, fast food, cycling, travel, America-isms and so on. He found out I hadn’t managed to find a couch/bed in Fort Walton, my last stop before Pensacola. We called a couple of hosts but none were available with a storm coming I was slightly concerned to sleep rough.

I later found Roger sat at his computer on the sly finding me a hotel room for the night! What a top bloke 🙂

I had a choice of coffee stops at HOOTERS or Burger King, I thought the latter was a safer option.

Hiding from the rain, the slight drizzle has become torrential. Roads and paths flooding, time to dismount and wait it out. Turns out that was a 2 hour wait before it let up.

Stopped at Waffle House for waffles, coffee and juice, this rain is quite ridiculous. I sincerely hope there is a break in the weather soon! Double chocolate waffles and coffee seem a great way to wait 90 minutes before a window of opportunity arrives, I think it is time to press on. Realised I’ve only cycled for 2 hours and sat for 3 hours, today will be a long one I suspect.

Impressed with this cycle lane… Crazy paving eat you heart out!


Last 15 miles and rain has still held off. Stopped at Buddy’s Bikes for a toilet and free coffee. He seemed pretty interested in my bike, I hope when it comes to selling it LOTS of people will also be as interested!



Got a flat 8 miles out which was a real pain, quick switch, but now it is coming down again but wind it on my back.

Rolled into Mobile 6 motel at 7.30pm, a very long day considering I set out at 10am! Almost half the day sat waiting for downpours to finish. I really needed a warm room and space to unpack, dry everything out, rinse off a few things, then settle down for a beer and think about food. Many thanks Roger B you are a life saver.

Pensacola tomorrow and a 2 day break, good night all.

Expenditure: $16.25

  1. Jane and John says:

    well done Ben – we are following your trip on a large scale map of US. Happy cycling!

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