Day 18: Destin to Pensacola

Posted: March 30, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Good night’s sleep last night at Mobile 6 motel thanks to Roger, am now checking weather forecast for the short hop to Pensacola.

Woke up to beautiful sunshine, the remainder of the storm passed through early this morning. Feeling more positive now – yesterday was a shocker.

Receptionist suggested Golden Corral for breakfast as they offer and EAT ALL YOU WANT buffet for $9 dollars! Arrived and spoke to the chap on kiosk and he charger half price, let’s see how much I can eat. Hopefully I won’t need to spend anymore money today on food – Let’s go!

Plate 1: Grilled chicken and pork, olives, cucumber, carrot, sunflower  seeds, salsa, beetroot, chillies and ceasar dressing.


Plate 2: Grilled potatoes, scrambled egg, burger patty, saveloy, roast bacon.


Plate 3: French toast, grilled potatoes, gammon ham and carrot/raisin salad.


Plate 4: Banana, pear, water melon, honey dew melon and peach.


I felt stuffed as I left only to find another flat :-< Quick switch and onwards after a Gatorade


Cycling along miracle strip parkway, a raised natural sand dune ridge that has been reinforced and tarmacked to connect two holiday resorts of Fort Walton and Destin.



Gulf Boulevard or the 399 is the next section on my route, which is stunning. Made up of 7 barrier island between the Gulf of Mexico and island canals of Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. The island I’m.cycling from Destin to Pensacola is called Santa Rosa and measures 40 miles long in total. I join at Navarre Beach and cycle to the most westerly point Pensacola Beach – 23 mile section.

Due to recent storms has covered the road with a layer of white sand, which makes it appear to have a dusting of snow. Running high pressure tyres also makes it as slippery. Lots of walking with bike through the deepest sections!

Struggling for energy today, cycling for 2 hours into another head wind, gusts of 25 mph so progress excruciatingly slow – not even managing 7/8 mph. Finding it really hard mentally so taking lots of breaks.

This section normally would have been an hour and I’ve taken over 2 always and still some way off 😦 Looking forward to a good two day break in Pensacola. At least the sun is out and it’s not too hot..

Where has the road gone?




I sense I an hitting a fitness wall of some description today. I think my CV capacity is unable to keep up with my legs… Feeling really tired now.


Arrived into Pensacola Beach, only 6 miles left in the form of 2 long fly over bridges, and you guessed it, still into that bloody head wind. I must admit to swearing several things times today. I feel like I’ve pushed myself to the limit of my fitness. Being in mind I’ve covered 600 ish miles in 3 weeks and prior to starting this adventure I hadn’t really ridden a bike since I was a child.

After a Starbucks ice coffee break I press on and once inside Pensacola the buildings offer some protection from the wind and I find First Methodist Church quickly, find Jeb, grab a shower and head out for calories

Over and out

Expenditure $ 17.80

  1. Jane and John says:

    Your legs wont work because all your energy is going on digesting all that free grub!!

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