Day 19: Pensacola – Rest Day (Jeb Hunt)

Posted: March 31, 2014 in 2013 January to May - Madagascar

Today I woke up sprawled out over 4 very comfortable sofa cushions on the floor, having had a remarkably good nights sleep, in my humble abode



Coffee was mediocre at best, old grind wad used leaving my triple espresso insipid and virtually no creama. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t been a barista for 10 years. The large double chocolate muffin adequately making up for the disappointing coffee!

Spent morning I’m church, nice service, a fusion of traditional and contemporary. I’m not one for men in funny costumes if truth be known. Most the songs I knew and the message was part of a series – the seven deadly sins. Sermon was on point and useful, avoided typical teaching on lust with a slightly different, more interesting perspective.

Lunch at Pita Stop was the largest sandwich I could order, followed by cheesecake and a wander round town. ‘World of Beer’ ale house was a great place to watch the ball game and bar staff were suitable impressed by charity cycle they offered me a beet on the house. As I am not one for choosing I let the barmaid pick… They offer or 200 beers!

1. Downtown Brown


2. Humboldt Brown


Their versions of Newcastle Brown… Hmmmm nice try.

Was invited to watch Noah this afternoon, I was grateful for the thought, and will watch film with an open mind and not concentrate too much on its biblical accuracy. I wouldn’t trust Hollywood to produce anything of real historic or factual significance, glamourisation, big budgets and thread bear plots seem to be the status quo for them.

Spent sometime in the car park entertaining slightly lustful thoughts earlier..




Hubba hubba

Noah was an average film that I score 5\10, may be 6, but generally underwhelmed to be honest. Fictional tale made from biblical story interesting, Noah emotional depth and anguish well done, twin girls clever, fallen angel in stone/watchers clever (although the ENTS on LOTR were better) and the another great role for Anthony Hopkins – I just want some berries

Expenditure $16.25

  1. Praying for you this morning. Loved the pictures. Thankful so many people have a kind heart to help you along your travels.

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