Day 21: Grand Bay (Kimberley and Charles J) to Gulfport, MS

Posted: April 1, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

So the morning was spent fixing tubes over coffee and cold pizza, K and C had already left for work. Their dog was staring at me through the door scratching against the glass craving attention – I resisted.

Goodbye Alabama and welcome to:


Home of music… I’m pretty excited to wander round the old french quarter in New Orleans. I’m opptomistic it lives up to my much hyped and idealised pre-conceptions from folklore and Hollywood. I’ve been duly informed by some people generally only go there for two reasons, one to drink and one to *make friends*.. I sincerely hope it isn’t grotty 😦

Off the freeway onto old stage coach routes which is much quieter and the road surface, quite surprisingly, is better!

Today’s colour is:


Lilac/purple? Not sure really, but it us fair to say spring has arrived

Out and heading west to Gulfport

Warm today but still got a good breeze on me. Had a double lunch stop today just east of Pascagoula and Gautier. Took on my fill in both places care of the generouristy of these lovely southern bells 🙂

Currently stood in a walk in beer fridge, drinking a coke cooling off. Feels great, I can see my breath, I don’t want to leave – feels like home!

I’ve never cycled down such a wide cycle lane since arriving in the states, it is AS WIDE as the regular car lanes!

Made it to Gulfport, today was super fast again thanks to my new bestest friend (another tail wind)


Found an ‘irish’ bar and started chatting to locals/barmaids/customers to find somewhere to sleep. Lovely night and on the beach, so camping out is always an option.

Expenditure $8.29


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