Day 22: Gulfport (Linda W) to New Orleans

Posted: April 2, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Goodbye Linda and Spot


Eggs on toast and coffee for breakfast whilst tickling a Tom cat… purrrfect. Sorry weak joke but it is the morning still.

Off I go along the Gulf coast heading out of Gulfport, mile after mile of soft white sand


I’m trying to get all the way to New Orleans today as another storm front is swirling in from the West.

Toilet break and drinks


Over yet another bridge entering a ‘certified Mississippi main street community’!?


I’ve been relishing the last 5-10 miles as I’ve been pedalling alongside highway 90 on my OWN tarmacked access road, but alas all good things must come to an end!


Found a great off the road picnic areas to shelter from the sun for 15 minutes, it’s 1pm and starting to heat up.

We’re green to go:




Welcome to Louisiana!

I think it is fair to say Louisiana is a state made up of swamps, bridges and seafood. I’ve counted 7 bridges in the last 15 miles and innumerous fishermen/shrimp boats


Made it to New Orleans by 7pm, didn’t rush today, lots of photos and sightseeing. French quarter is very gay and friendly, everyone wears rainbows on the windows and walls.

Completed my first 1000 miles šŸ™‚

Expenditure $13.57


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