Day 24: Baton Rouge to Opelousis

Posted: April 5, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Morning stop at Starbucks – Baton Rouge for my 4 shot espresso macciato.


Staff laughed at me because they thought I was the ONLY cyclist in the city AND that I was EVEN OUT when it was drizzling rain!

Maybe I should quit the charity cycle and buy a BIG 5.7 hemi truck and do my bit for the environment 🙂

Spring is here as I switch lights off


Lilacs and pinks… Reminds me of the French Quarter in New Orleans!

Rain hit so stopped by a bike shop for a mud guard (fender for Americans reading) and they wanted $20. I refused and went to a home stores (DIY shop for Brit readers) and bought a bit of plastic for $1 and made my own.

Crossing the Mississippi, it’s going to be a big bridge!


Progress today is dreadful, not due to head wind, but the condition of the roads. I’m actually quite shocked! I can only manage 30 minutes at 8 mph before stopping, my joints (mainly wrists) are extremely sore from getting shaken/jarred continuously. Last 3 days since arriving in Louisiana  have been awful from the onset, particularly so today. I’m concerned at possible damage I may be doing.

The bike lane I gave up on as it EVEN worse, totally un-cyclable, so I’m playing chicken on the white line with angry truck drivers and big rigs…

Stopped at a service station for a toilet break and was chatting with the guy stacking shelves. He enquired into my cycle ride and narrated status. I told him I was unmarried and he replied,

“Dam brother yo gotta play some new baby every night. I swear dem honeys gonna luv you from England and all”

This is not exactly verbatim

Strawberry stop:


Toilet stop and strawberry cheesecake:


I’ve be routed off Ronald Regan Highway 190 for a 5 mile stretch and have the whole road to myself… Bliss


Crossing the Atchafalaya River:



Billy’s Diner in Krotz Springs:

“That coffee was fresh… Two days ago!”

“Hell Josie there’s enough fishing in me for the two of us!”


One of the waitresses had NEVER met an English man before, I sensed through her giggles and blushing like, she wasn’t disappointed when we were talking.

Last 10 miles ahead so found a fire station for a break in the shade. Looking forward to a day off tomorrow, I really need it!

Made it!

Expenditure $18.48

  1. sanbenacres2 says:

    Glad things are good OK. Sorry you had rough roads. Hope and pray more people will continue to help you out. We took a lot of our junk to a big garage sale in Valdosta, GA this morning. Got rid of a lot of stuff and what didn’t sale we gave to a Christian organization to help pregnant women. We made $180. Every little bit helps. I clean the Christmas shed up. It looks great and we have more room now. I have had a very busy week since Wednesday. I am ready to crash. God Bless you. Hope you will be able to find a good church to go to tomorrow. Will continue to pray for you. Sandy

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