Day 27: Lafayette (Regina) to Sulphur

Posted: April 8, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Goodbye Lafayfette, it’s been a relaxing weekend.


7am start, heading out on highway 90 to Sulphur, 87 mile stretch out toward the Texas border. Quite a cold, grey and overcast start this morning – I’ve only been cold 3 times since arriving in America.

Scott and Rayne fly by but no need to stop yet so press on.

First stop is in Crowley to chat to a radio DJ, who works at Bayou 102.1, who I met on the road. He said he would show me round his studio. Arrived at 10.30 and had a breakfast burrito and double espresso.

Skies are clearing… sun is arriving


Snickers and V8 vegetable juice stop. First time I drank V8 I couldn’t get my head round the idea off chilled vegetable juice (tomato, carrot, cucumber, celery, spinach) but now I can’t get enough of it!


Jennings means I’m a third of the way there, found an Internet cafe to check emails. Found out I’ve had £150 ($225) donations in the last couple of days on my charity page. That’s cheered me up no end 🙂 Accommodation also no sorted for Beaumont, North Houston, Carmine and Austin – which sees me through to next weekend.

Welsh and Iowa come and go.

Once a get to Lake Charles, it’s a quick hop on the interstate (not strictly legal) and then a 35 minute blast and all done for the day!


This is the sort of chap even needs to know..


Expenditure $24.65


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