Day 31: Carmine (Carol M) to Austin

Posted: April 11, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Whooooosh off I go, thanks Carol M and VERY friendly cat


It could be a Cornish lane!


Gut feeling this morning I was going to have a tough day before weekend break. Puncture in Giddins 15 miles, super fast change so celebrated with extra coffee shop, 5 minutes after leaving blow out number 2. Down to 2 spare tubes now before a mammoth patching session begins 😦



I think it is just the name of the next town rather than a warning! Weather is ok, wind SEE which is acting as a side/tail wind. Relying heavily on drag provided by passing lorrys (big rigs/18 wheelers)

I love Texas – Come and take them!!



I don’t even have a pistol, let alone a pump action shot gun or AR 57 assault rifle for them to try and take 😦

Water stop and 2 snicker ice creams at McDade for 15 minutes shelter from the sun. Air conditioning in the garage was much needed respite from the heavy traffic and noise.

The rolling hills continue for the next 10 miles so am getting used to them now, starting to use my large centre cog on the descents and cracking along  at a fair rate of knots!

Continued to slip stream lorrys and made it to Elgin by 3pm. Decided to take a 30 minute break to cool off.

Now in Manor which is right on the outskirts of Austin. I can see the sky scrappers and tower blocks of downtown from here. 8 miles left of hectic dual carriage ways, high speed flyovers and junction to navigate before I arrive.

Thinking of Joshua and Nancy Crewe and Cornwall thanks to recent message


Arrived safe and sound just as the sun is setting and the town is starting to light up and come alive. So far I’ve avoided any undesirable propositions, now to find somewhere to sleep. Oh I forgot to say, haven’t been able to find a host in Austin, despite messaging 20+ people! Normally I message 2 or 3 and get at least one confirmation – COME ON AUSTIN SORT IT OUT!!

10pm and a host has finally said yes… Success

Expenditure $8.37

  1. jeff flint says:

    You skipped Day 30 !!! I was looking for the pic of Lizzie on your bike. Oh well, guess we weren’t blog worthy , LOL ! STAY SAFE !!!

  2. Relax brother… Day 30 is coming. Had to cut back on number of photos. Trying again now

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