Day 30: Cypress (Jeff F) to Carmine

Posted: April 12, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Goodbye Jeff – many thanks for the fajitas and NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE!!

Cycling with a 10 mph side wind along Highway 290 this morning.

Colour of the day – lilac or baby pink? Answer on a postcard!


When I took this photo I was stood on the verge for less than 2 minutes. My foot appears to be covered in mud BUT it turns out I had stamped on a fire ant mound. I must of had several hundred ants working theit way up my trainer (sneaker) and half way up my sock. Only one bite to report and a multitude of dead ants..

Only seen 1 bike so far but this sign gives me some optimism for Texans.


Waller, Prarie View and Henstead come and go. Rural farming communities where life moves at a leisurely pace and fields are covered in cows.



Feels a bit like cowboy country at times!

Stopped at Krolczyk’s Sausage was AMAZING! Fresh rib eye and the bone steaks, chorizo, salami, jerky, smoked sausage, cured duck and turkey… Superb



Cross the county line into Washington State – birth place of Texas



Lots of their national flower in full bloom.

Looking back (something I rarely do)  along Highway 290


Feeling the sun today as I press on through undulating hills. Lovely section of duel carriage way, but becoming increasingly ‘hilly’ as I hone in on Austin.

Snacking on mint chocolate (care of Jeff F) and trail mix (consisting of multi seed, nuts and dried fruit)

Just passed histotic town centre of Brenham, lots of heritage buildings from 100+ years ago





Only 7 miles left and stopped in Burton for a celebratory beer at the White Stag

Arrived at Carol’s at 8pm. Staying in the upstairs of a barn tonight – resembling a dormitory. Comfy bed, basic kitchen, couple of classic films and stunning views from the deck over the fields and trees. Scenery to die for, for a country boy like myself 🙂

Night night

Expenditure $11.07

  1. jeff flint says:

    We enjoyed your visit . Come back anytime. !!!

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