Posted: April 12, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Slept I’m til 9.30 this morning, legs really looking forward to 48 hour recovery! There is a storm due in this weekend which mat take sone of the humidity out the air.

Double espresso macciato at Starbucks with FREE chocolate truffle cheesecake. Chatting about somewhere to get lunch and helpful staff send me south out of downtown over the bridge, food and drinks should cost 30% less, which suits me!

Lunch was in an area was called SOCO, a vibrant, friendly, liberal, colourful, trendy, ‘alternative’ suburb for locals, students, tourists and people with a passion for body tattoos (male and female) and cycling!

One thing that makes me cross is when a group of people (woman I’m their late 30s), who clearly have a day off shopping, socialising and relaxing, feel a 15 minute wait for a table an inconvenience in a CLEARLY busy restaurant diner. Apparently it just RUINS their lunch plans and they’ll HAVE to rethink eating here!? I mean seriously, get over yourself and learn some flipping patience – let’s keep your dinning requirements in perspective 😦

I have currently pedaled 1534 miles from Miami to Austin, here is a break down of progress week by week!

Week 1: Miami to Lake Worth = 80.7 miles (only 1 day) 

Week 2: Lake Worth to Fanning Springs = 392.1 miles (7 days) 

Week 3: Shady Grove to Pensacola = 272.4 miles (5 days) 

Week 4: Pensacola to Lafayette = 412.6 miles (6 days)

Week 5: Lafayette to Austin = 375.9 miles (5 days)

I reckon on being half way across America with the next 2/3 weeks being pretty torturous! Wide open places, no shade, few places to stop and accommodation becoming increasingly problematic.

1358 miles to San Diego (37 miles a day – weekdays only) or 1999 miles to San Francisco (55 miles a day – weekdays only), which is my preferred goal. Although the truth be known, I would be happy to achieve east to west coast 🙂 I fly out of San Francisco on the 30th of May (50 days times) so my target schedule is currently looking comfortable, if you take into account current pace and progress over the last month or so.

Austin seems to be the epicentre of tattooing, I’m serious. Not discreet small tattoos on toes or lower back/bottom regions, but HUGE motifs spread over backs, arms, legs and chests. Not my thing AT ALL but nevertheless interesting to watch all these inked bodies walking around.

Plenty of people have likened Austin to New Orleans, I can see why, both have a ‘european’ feel with a relaxed, metropolitan, creative undertone. Young and vibrant people of all persuasions are fully integrated in shaping communities and expressing their given life styles. Much of Texas is extremely conservative (small c) but Austin is an Oasis of liberalism.

I wonder what the local churches will offer…

Evening BBQ, social, discussion with hosts and their quacker friends meeting. Interesting stuff – much talk about important quacker matters such as meetings, buildings, finance, heritage, schooling, politics, etc. Decided to re-read about what little I’ve know, but from what I picked up they classify themselves as Christian with a focus on community experience, minimal rules to ‘follow’ – side stepping the concept of obedience somewhat, seem to completely reject legalism/absolutism, sexual ethics is up to the individual rather than the Bible, blasphemy and swearing seem acceptable and we are all God’s children with little need for repentance or spiritual regeneration?

Interesting night and I definitely learnt a fair bit about the quackers. Lovely people of strong conviction who seem happy in their beliefs, able to articulate themselves in conversation and very open with each other.

Expenditure $24.19

  1. jeff flint says:

    Glad you made and have some time to enjoy Austin !!! Take advantage of your rest days. We sre good. The wedding went off without a hitch.Continuing to pray for you !!! Stay safe !

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