Day 34: Austin to Fredericksburg

Posted: April 16, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Good bye Austin and good morning early start – 5.30 am and cycling by 6. Into Austin for a quad espresso macciato and plenty of water. First stop 3 miles south will be GOLDEN CORAL for 5 plate breakfast 🙂

Side wind and possible rain showers today which will make my trip to Fredericksburg ‘fun’

Golden Coral closed so Larry’s Giant Subs comes to the rescue!


Managed 15 miles before the rain started, albeit light and blustery. Heavier downpours to come I think.

Managed another 5 miles before the rain returned, this time with lightening. Ducked into Burger King to check emails to discover Sandy and Benny have sorted out accommodation in Fredricksburg tonight with First Baptist people and possibly Junction tomorrow night 😀

Sat waiting to ride…

2/3 miles before showers resumed. Bought a local paper which is rather amusing. A kitchen company in the town of Dripping Springs offering me shelter, coffee and cookies. Kathy promised to pray for my tyre and covertly slipped me a generous gift towards food and drink on my mission.

Blue sky is appearing… Rain abating… Feel rather chilly at the moment.

Sun breaking through clouds, partial blue sky and my hands are warming up in hill country.

Still heading west on 290! This section of road had been one of the most inspiring to date, now the sun has come out. Spent 10 minute break watching eagles soaring on thermals looking for prey.

Right turn!



Just leaving Johnson City I meet Betty and Gary cycling the other way – far more professional, experienced and geared up with a quality outfit!


It’s the strangest thing.. I don’t see ANY cyclists day after day and then in the last 30 minutes I’ve seen 5! Must be a popular stretch of road I guess…




Make that 6, must ask if they are all one group.

This is my favourite descent into a valley so far, welcome to Texas wine country.

William and Chris’s Vineyard was the first vineyard as you get to – free sample tasting room – don’t mind if I do!

Cyclist number 7 but forgot to ask!

8, 9 and 10… NOT together just popular tourist cycle route, Fredricksburg being the centre of tourism in the hill country – wine, restaurants,  European historic buildings, hotels, cooler weather due to altitude, etc.

Battling 20mph side wind all day, finally taken it’s toll. 5 hours 45 minutes/70 miles complete, 10 miles out, nothing left in my legs.

Last 7 miles standing, feeling nauseous and energy gone, turning into headwind for last 3 miles. Stopping every few minutes – legs burning

Arrived 7.25, vomited, showered, ate dinner, drank lots of water = feeling better! Today was 6 hours cycling 80 miles  averaging almost 12 mph. I left the house at 6 am so I’ve ACTUALLY been out 13.5 hours. Thank you thunderstorms, rain, hill climbs into headwind… Why would anyone choose to be a cyclist? Honestly no idea…

Good night all x

Expenditure $19.46

  1. sanbenacres2 says:

    Sorry you got sick.

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