Day 36: Junction to Sonora

Posted: April 17, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Goodbye Junction, many thanks First Baptist Church for accommodating me and your kind donation to charity. Wish me luck and pray for my legs between here and Sonora!

Cycling the 1674 which runs parallel to Interstate 10. Another day another road for my soul use:

Since leaving Houston the environment definitely getting more barren, vegetation more sparse and land more arid.


First hour and 14 miles… Happy for now. Not too hot and mild cool breeze from South.

20 miles in stopped at Harper for lunch. The only amenities in town are in the form of a single shop that acts as restaurant, post office, hardware store, plumbing shop and office license beer outlet! Oh you can also buy stags heads, albino raccoons, brown bears and birds of prey – all stuffed and preserved from the local taxidermist!




Passed over the I10 again:


10 minutes in the shade after 38 miles, lovely cool breeze almost on my tail last few miles. Some big climbs got me breathing pretty hard. Low on water, looking for refuel stops asap!


2 miles later found a lovely family in a ranch, sated my thirst, filled every bottle I had and accepted 4 cans of fizzy pop.

Last 13 miles I flew along with a tail wind arriving into 4.3pm. Time for shower, food and a well deserved beer!

Will be staying at Holiday Host Motel thanks to First Prebytarian Church Sonora.

Expenditure. $22.29


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