Day 37: Sonora to Ozona

Posted: April 17, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Holiday Host Motel, thank you First Presbyterian Sonora.

Breakfast was 2 chicken cheese wraps, banana, apple, 3 pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. Coffee was abyssal – insipid and no colour 😦

Short hop to Ozona today, only 40 miles or so. Grey, cloudy and cold morning – feels like Cornwall!

This guy’s got a BIG truck which is  hauling a serious cargo!



20 miles, 1 1/2 hours, good progress… Nothing to report. Bit bored today.

3 miles out and tyre failed and tube blew. Swapped tube over but tyre wall is clearly deformed. Concerns that there is no bike shop for 80 miles… Hmmm. Run at a low pressure into town and checked into Travel Lodge – care of First Methodist Church.

Just spoke to Jean Reardon – Pastor at First Methodist Church – about my shredded tyre. Ozona has no bike shops but AMAZINGLY (or providentially) a couple from San Angelo, a university town about 80 miles north, are driving here tonight for a meeting. We managed to contact a bike shop and they have tyres to fit. A cheap $26, specialized mid puncture protection at $35 and a Schwalbe double mesh kevlar puncture proof for $65 (normally $80+)

I’m managing to get the Schwalbe for $3O!

Glad the tyre blew now rather than between Fort Stockton and El Paso as I would of been up a great without a paddle.

Ozona is a very small town with a pretty central square, site of the historic court house from 1908 – notice the SLIGHT hint of french influence on the architecture of the roof shape and detail!?



Watching the news now drinking water, having supper with Pastor and her husband tonight.

Expenditure $15.64 + $30


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