Day 38: Ozona (Pastor Jean) to Sheffield

Posted: April 18, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Travel Lodge provided a WONDERFUL night sleep thanks to First Methodist Church Ozona


Another grey and overcast start – 47 miles to Sheffield. Will be using the 2398 which runs parallel to the IH10 most the way.

Oh I forgot to show the new addition… Hello you beauty:


Sun coming out, clouds breaking up, temperature is rising! STOP banana pit stop and toilet break.



Turned right off the IH10 (after a cheeky 5 miles stint) back on the 290, oh how I have missed you!

32 miles done, after traversing the plateau, I am now looking forward to a LONG descent into the valley…




Fort Lancaster which was an old border town with a garrison to ‘protect’ passing settlers and trade wagons from ‘maurading’ Indians. Now an walk through display, miniature model and artist impression of what it used to look like. On the ground, foundations and collapsed stone walls are all that remain.


Expenditure $3.60


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