Day 39: Sheffield (Andy and Mary Beth) to Fort Stockton

Posted: April 20, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Thank you Andy,  Mary – Beth and all six daughters whos names all start with an S… Confusing much!? I would of liked to stay an extra day but with the strong tail winds (15 – 20 mph) on offer I must press on to Fort Stockton – 72 miles down the road


Current speed is 16 mph after 10 miles… Get on!

Heading into buffalo country, wide open spaces and that’s about all. Progress so far has been a coast, 2 hours 30 miles.

I’m in oil country:



36 miles I come across the FIRST sign of life since leaving, a petrol station in Bakersfield where I stop for much needed calorie intake.

Free lunch thanks to Chevron!

Wind now cutting across me, speed down but wide open spaces breath taking.




Sun came out and temperature was hitting 78 degrees as I pulled into Fort Stockton. Great days ride at a tidy pace.

Sky has turned black, massive thunder storm and lightening, town centre is flooded. It seems like I bought rain with me, after not a drop for 9 months.

Expenditure $5.09


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