Day 41: Fort Stockton to Pecos (Pay Cuss)

Posted: April 21, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Many thanks to First Baptist Church Fort Stockton – Pastor Philip – A guy with a great deal of faith and foresight.


Today is going to get hot 30 degrees plus. Need to arrive before high afternoon or I’m likely to melt. 57 miles today, mild side wind and a change of direction!


Heading North West on a different road, the 285! An hour in and making good progress.


Heading out of Fort Stockton I’m  realising there is very little other than wide open places full of nothing. Early pioneers, settlers and military personal must of found the landscape pretty bleak and unforgiving when travelling long distances.




Almost there…

Arrived at 2pm before intense heat if afternoon, slight head ache being treated with maximum setting on air conditioning and copious amounts of ice cold flat lemonade. Think I may have a place to sleep tonight – another town another First Baptist Church 🙂

Dinner in El Rodeo Mexican restaurant was a $9 buffet. Surprisingly I only managed 2 plates of food.

Was hoping for a comfy bed and aircon this evening but arrangements weren’t as planned so home is on the church floor. Will be reacquianting myself with my inflatable mat! Hoping my back doesn’t play up overnight, don’t fancy cramp with such a long cycle tomorrow. Oh, I forgot to mention, Kent doesn’t ‘really’ exist in any meaningful sense so having to cycle all the way to Van Horn In a single stint.

Three bible verses Jesus lay on my heart today…

Leviticus 19: 34, Matthew 10: 13-14 and Hebrew 13: 1-2.

Good night folks zzz zzz

Expenditure $25.93

  1. Benny says:

    It looks like you can see all the way to the curve of the earth. must be something to think about when on a bike. the distance seems to go on for ever. scary and exciting at the same time. God bless and keep you. Benny

  2. sanbenacres2 says:

    Today is a long ride for you, over 90 miles. Be careful and drink plenty of water. I hope you will find a comfortable place to rest in Van Horn.

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