Day 42: Pecos to Van Horn

Posted: April 23, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Facing a mammoth cycle today 100 ish miles so an early start is a must! Should have accommodation sorted in Van Horn but there is a KOA campsite if needs be. Make no mistake, it’s going to be a long hot day.

A whole lot of nothingness.


34 miles in just over 2 hours, I’m concerned about fluid levels and heat. My bike is creaking under the weight of drinks bottles but I’m getting through them a quite a pace, an unquenchable thirst it seems! To compound the problem there is only one refill stop in 15 miles time…

45 miles in 2 3/4 hours, over half way and fortuitously found a SHADED picnic area. Going to wait here a good 30 minutes before heading on. Breaking open emergency cans of Fanta!

Are you being serious?


Further along the IH20 joins the IH10 a truck stop provides a place to chat with a few drivers, one of which gives me 3 bottles of water and a Gatorade. Good job as my planned refuel in Kent is a non event, the place is a ghost town. Boarded up cafe and petrol station sadly sat along the rail road. Probably a thriving little hamlet at one time.




35 miles left to go, labouring in the sun, flipping hard work 😦 Having to take a breather underneath the interstate everytime I find a bridge.

4 mile descent, cool breeze, surrounded by jagged mountains… Stunning!

15 miles out found a restaurant/service station, MUCH needed I can assure you. Burritos, chips, pizza and GALLONS of water 🙂 Currently sat in the fridge surrounded by coke and beer chilling off while my food is prepared.

Been contacted by historic hotel in Van Horn – El Capitan – and have been offered two free nights. Many thanks to George Hansard who arranged everything – a true gentleman and blessing. Looks like my back and neck may have time to recover!

Expenditure $28.67


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