Day 44: Van Horn to Fort Hancock

Posted: April 25, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Many thanks Ralph for two wonderfully relaxing days at El Captian

Short hop today, 35 miles odd to break up which would of been a100 miler to El Paso. Fuelled up on pan cakes, porridge, berries and fruit juice. Bike packed and jeans drying out.


My week long head has slightly abated but still not sure if it is a hydration, altitude or sun exposure related. It could just as likely be a caffeine headache as I’ve missed my morning double espresso macciato(s) as if late 😦



Raving along today, bumping into Hans cycling the other way! He opted for California to Florida. Chatted briefly about routes, stop overs and refuel  stations. He was hoping to stop in Kent, as I was, but will rethink his plans as the place is derelict. Bon voyage my friend, good luck with TEXAS!


Got to Sierra Nevada around 2 and felt like I hadn’t covered any miles. First Methodist are hosting me tonight, but decided to dump my gear and press on an extra 35 miles to Fort Hancock. I’d rather that than face a 100 mile day tomorrow as the wind is due to pick up. Arranged with bank clerk, another employee of George H from Fort Stockton, for someone to collect me at 6pm and drive me back to Sierra Nevada.

30 out of the 35 miles descent and fast – great fun and stunning vistas as I drop down out the mountains.

Extremely dry throat today, it’s as though the moisture is being instantly sucked out my body, needing water every 15 minutes. Headache  cleared though which is a relief.

Home for the night: First Methodist Church.


Dinner time.

Lounge Harry La Font the Mexican local DJ has arrived playing wide spectrum of music – samba, salsa, latin – you know, the full range 😉

Expenditure $19.14


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