Day 45: Fort Hancock to El Paso

Posted: April 25, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Breakfast at 8am courteousy or the RV campsite in Sierra Nevada – met someone me good honest people over breakfast. Talked about cessation of states and Texas as an independent country

Lift out the mountains to Fort Hancock, then a 50 mile pedal along the Mexican border.

Flat and slight headwind, not too hot and low humidity (as usual!)

Bumped into a 70 YEAR OLD who was celebrating his birthday by cycling from California to Florida, who had currently raised $20,000 for cancer research. Slightly overwhelmed at his total compared to my meagre sum. He explained with many years in industry, wealthy retired friends and tax write offs that I shouldn’t read too much into the figure. I was still RATHER envious though to be honest!

We chatted route options and ideas in either direction, posed for the ubiquitous photo opportunity and said our fairwells. Ride safe Mick and good luck, I won’t wish you a pleasant tailwind because that means a headwind for me!


P.s. If I look like him at 70 I’ll be more than happy.

Expenditure $21.17


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