Day 46: Ciudad Juarez

Posted: April 26, 2014 in 2014 April - Meixco

Fantastic sleep last night

Early start as Alanna drops me at the international bridge over to MEXICO!  No stamps, no visas, no hassle.

Two reasons I wanted to visit Juarez, firstly to visit Catedral De Neustra Sonora Guadalupe 1959, a beautiful neo-classical exterior facade with a garish interior to replace the original after the building was gutted in 1971 by fire.



The second, the Kentucky Whiskey Bar which was established in1920, the year after prohibition in the US, when distilleries moved south of the border to avoid closure/bankruptcy. The bar was set up as a flagship retail outlet for Mexicans and Americans alike wishing to partake on the outlawed tipple. A beautiful, ornate interior preferable to the dark, drab, hidden away ‘speak easys’ of the 1920’s north of the border. Many a famous celebrity has lost an afternoon here, their photos and memorabilia ordain the walls.

Also as I strolled around found the Palacio Municipal:


After a joke and laugh with border patrol, he couldn’t understand that I had gone to Meixco to buy a $2 shirt when the vast majority of garments are purchased by Mexicans in the US and are destined for Meixco, am sat in a cafe relaxing.

Expenditure $15.27


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