Day 47: El Paso to Las Cruces, NM

Posted: April 28, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Big wind expected today from the West, increasing in strength as the day goes on, hence an early start is in order!

Goodbye Alanna and Larry (still in bed):


6.30 am wake up, 7.00 4 shot espresso macciato coffee and cycling at 7.15. Chilly but wind is better today.

Came around the Franklin Mountain out of El Paso and headwind was waiting. Big gusts, ardous pedalling, snail like progress and developing sandstorm… BRILLIANT 😦

Rudimentary protection from sand inhalation:


Left El Paso 3 hours ago, managed 24 miles, worst ever performance. Even the birds aren’t attempting to fly in this…

Good bye Texas and hello New Mexico, only took close to 3 weeks to cross a single state! Albeit the largest at approximately 900 miles from my entry to exit.

Quite ridiculous. I’m not cycling again in this wind END OF!

6 hours, 45 miles – yes folks that’s just over 7 mph compared to my average 12/13 mph. You realise I jog at 6/7 mph right!?

Today should of been a 4 hour ride, it’s taken me just short of 8 with stops… Horrible day, fed up.

Expenditure $23.57

  1. jeff flint says:

    Dotty grew up in NM and we lived there for over 10 years . We don’t miss the wind or sand/dust storms.Praying the wind settles down as you continue across NM , it’s. a lot shorter trip than across Texas !!!

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