Day 48: Las Cruces to Deming

Posted: April 29, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

*Important* just re-read this post and it is pretty miserable. If you want a positive post know that I’ve just cycled from Las Cruces to Deming and arrived safe.

Thank you Dennis for putting me up in Quality Inn and paying for supper, MUCH appreciated after today!

7.30am and cycling, wind will be up this afternoon so must crack out the 50 miles to go today, determined to get there early.

I’ve been cycling 2 hours but had to take 1.5 hours breaks. Almost 11am and wind has already picked up, only managed 20 miles so far – I predict another horrible day. Thanks accurate weather forecast.

So my choices are:

1. To make progress is to stand up and pedal which is aggravating my knee aches and pains – stopping every mile or so!

2. Sit and pump and my speed drops to 6-8 mph – slowly getting angry and loosing my mind!


Oh yes, I forgot to mention my thumping headache. Sorry for negative post today, I feel like c**p last 3 days. Can’t be bothered right now.


Point at which I had a real rant and swore lots…

Last mile took 15 minutes.. Yes folks that’s 4 mph. Normally would take less than 5!

Dropped my bike twice now from a couple of gusts. Think police are looking to close interstate/motorway.

Unable to maintain forward momentum so resorted to walking 4 miles out.

Arrived 5.30pm, 10 hours after setting out on what should have been a run of the mill 4/5 hour stint. Feeling dejected, demoralised and butchered, no sense of achievement or cheers. FED UP

Expenditure $14.89

  1. jeff flint says:

    Many Thanks to BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH for helping make accommodation arranngements in advance !!!

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