Day 49: Deming to Lordsburg

Posted: April 30, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

LOVELY hotel/motel stay last night, which I would of been happy to stay at all week. Many thanks Drew – Bethel Church Deming, a great blessing after a brutal 3 days riding.

Well folks the wind is turning at last, midday marks the end of hideous headwinds and the beginning of 3 days of tailwind. All being well they should blow me all the way to Tuscon/Pheonix for the weekend!

15 miles in less than an hour, celebrated by me with my first 4 shot espresso macciato. Cost me nothing thanks to convival Starbucks manager, many thanks!

What a difference 24 hours makes, cruising along the flat at 17 mph, not even breaking a sweat!


Pit stop after 26 miles, water and spent time trying to identify the lower of the two flags:


I’ve seen the ‘lights!’


Just dropped my phone whilst cycling, THANK G#D I have a hard case. Providential freebie from the phone shop I’d say. Note to oneself, make 100%sure phone is secure I’m hand if pedalling and checking location 🙂

Pit stop after 40 miles under another interstate fly over.


46 miles done, 80 degrees and blue sky. I’ve been lucky in that sense because temperatures can sore to 110 degrees in New Meixco/Arizona!

Expenditure $22.73


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