Day 50: Lordsburg to Benson, AZ

Posted: May 1, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Good sleep last night after spending the evening in the local bar/diner/pool room/dance hall. Lots of locals happy to stare at me with that – you’re not from round here look –  but not strike up a conversation.

Am starting to realise that life out here in these rural communities is somewhat from city living. One bloke, clearly drunk, relied on his 12/13 year old daughter to drive him and his truck home had he stumbled towards out the establishment. Funny there are signs pinned up at the door as you leave warning of the penalties of DUI (driving under the influence) and DWI (driving whilst intoxicated.) He had obviously planned ahead!


Forecast 30mph winds by 2pm… TAILWIND though. Planning to have a super day, blown along with little leg work – 75 miles to Willcox, AZ. Also dropping altitude from 4250 to 3571 feet above sea level!

Firstly though time to load up on a hearty breakfast!

Thanks Theresa!


Last 5 miles free wheeling down to the Arizona state line, average speed so far 24 mph, good bye New Meixco! Hello Arizona, Grand Canyon state 🙂

2.03 hours and 49.3 miles… Flipping heck! 🙂

Was planning to stop in Willcox but pressing on to Benson, it will be a 100+ mile day.

Chris Baines:


TEXAS CANYON mountain pass was spectacular, 15 miles out from Benson



113 miles, best day to date, furthest distance and fastest pace!


Expenditure $21.39


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