Day 53: Tuscon to Casa Grande

Posted: May 3, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Thank you Bonnie and Nicholas!


Coffee and doughnut stop on West Grant/North Stone then head out to the IH10!

Flat tyre 1: 8 miles in 😦

Found myself another unexpected 10 mph tail wind and a road to myself. 20 miles so far in 1 hour 10 minutes!


35 miles and just over half way by 10am, stopped for peanuts, snickers and water s break at Red Rock, a small village off the interstate. A majestic jagged red rock called Picacho Peak juts out the ground to the North.


Lunch at Dairy Queen was the healthy option on a bacon and cheese burger, fries and a coke. Came out to discover flat tyre 2: quick change and off I go!


Just pulling into Eloy for a toilet break and ‘POP!’

Flat tyre number 3: swapped it out in a tyre garage. I was racing a truck driver who was changing a flat too. He suggested a race, I accepted and won!

On the junction coming into Casa Grande and tube exploded!

Flat tyre number 4: put on a triple patched one and headed into town centre! 4 flats in 4 hours… Just beating my previous record of 5 in 48 hours!! I realised today my INDESTRUCTIBLE Bontrager rear tyre has seen it’s best years. Bought for me by Benny and Sandy in Fanning Springs back in Florida after 444 miles, the Texas chip and seal road surfaces and 2000 more miles have done their worst. Extremely worn down, looks more like a slick racing tyre now, puncture resistance failing 😦 Sad times

No host on warm showers tonight, no offers from local churches and no where obvious in town to covert camp on the sly, so checking into a Motel. Should of been $45 but the door latch is inoperable so they discounted to 30. No dinner for me tonight though 😦

Expenditure $45.16


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