Day 54: Casa Grande to Gila Bend

Posted: May 4, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Week 7 Summary:

Las Cruces to Gila Bend – 408.1 miles over 6 days.

8.30 am and pedalling, it is going to hit 36 degrees today! Had to throw 2 tubes away this morning as the rubber around the valve blew – non repairable.


Stanfield after 12 miles for morning coffee from a service station so expecting the worst! Pleasantly surprised for standard filter blend, not bad. Looking at Las Vegas on the map, really gutted my route doesn’t go via the ‘Gambling City.’

Ghetto tattoo woman, child and grand mother just pulled into the service station, swearing and talking trash. Daughter (7-9 years old) says to mother,

“You can’t make me get baptised you stupid ****. I ain’t getting no baptism today ”

I reckon the young girl is right, perhaps she SHOULD wait a few years before she publicly declares her love for Jesus? May be it will give her time to understand what her parents are FORCING her to do and may CHOOSE to do it for herself?

Grab some shade and a few mouths of water to relieve my ‘cotton mouth.’


25 miles along old highway 24 to where it ends and joina IH8, I stop of a coke and PEANUT BUTTER twix! Gentle gradient awaits to climb through a ridge of rocks.


35 miles in 2.5 hours I come across another interstate flyover and some ‘art?’



Wind got up last 5 miles which hurt, cycling in this heat is not pleasant. Must leave earlier in future. Passed out in air conditioned service station toilet with ice cold lemonade.


Isaac (a waiter in the restaurant I’m sat emailing and texting in for the last 10 minutes) just OFFERED TO PAY FOR A HOTEL ROOM out of the blue. He said it looked like I need a decent bed and shower. I am overwhelmed at a strangers outrageous generosity! Not a shabby place but the best hotel in town. Lost for words but managed to say, “thank you, that would be great!”

Also insisted on buying me dinner and arranging breakfast – also delivering scripture Hebrews 13:2. A blessing indeed, humbled and grateful.

Expenditure $10.07


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