Day 55: Gila Bend to Dateland

Posted: May 5, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Isaac was someone I will not easily forget – a truly generous and meek man, showing true hospitality to a stranger! A heart that will be rewarded 🙂


30 miles in 2 1/4 hours, not bad progress into a slight headwind. It’s forecast to get BLOWY after 12 so rushing to arrive. It’s only 10.15am now with 20 miles left. Pit stop for cold fizzy pop and a mega size twix 🙂

Entering Yuma county:


Check out my head/camera in bottom left of sign. Hadn’t noticed when I took the photo.

Temperature maxed out at 102 degrees today, glad to have found an RV park/camp site in Dateland with cold showers, pool and lots of shade! The owners took pity on me, fed me ice cream and let me do my laundry.


Bliss! Feels like I am on holiday (vacation) this afternoon. Wind has arrived now but I don’t care as I’m in the pool!

Expenditure £14.67

  1. sanbenacres2 says:

    Sorry I haven’t been looking at your blogs lately. Been very busy taking care of that senior citizen. But even though I haven’t followed your blogs, I have been praying for you. You have seen some wonderful countryside along your way. But you have also had some rough days. You are a person that endeavors to persevere. You are going to make it. I sure hope many send donations to help the children without parents. God Bless You!

  2. sanbenacres2 says:

    By the way you look great!

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