Day 56: Dateland to Yuma

Posted: May 7, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

6am start and shower, sort bike out and pack. Cycle to nearby service station to refill water bottles and load up on fluids, a hotdog, a chocolate doughnut and some peanuts.

Inflate back tyre and whoosh! Good morning IH8:


It’s going to be a hard day today, headwind and two mountain passes to traverse 😦 The second just outside Yuma called ‘Fortuna’ which I’ve been warned about! I would of taken a day off but accommodation was not available for the extra night.

New haircut before flying home?


Headwind wasn’t supposed to ‘pick up’ until midday according to the weather channel. That however was a lie, it’s been blowing at 16, gusting at 30mph since 7 this morning. I’m pretty fed up of all this to be honest. Wish I had cycled from San Francisco to Miami USING the PREVAILING winds.

I’ve never cycled 32 miles standing before, using my body weight to ensure forward momentum. It’s only taken 3.5 hours! Ridiculous really.

4 hours in and I’m feeling like these buildings:




The difference between a good day and a bad day?

A good day = 49.8 miles 2.03 hours

A bad (to)day = 50.1 miles in 5.32 hours

Fed up

Up, up and away… Fortuna pass:




Horrendous day all in all, 5/6 hour cycle actually turns into a 12 hour day. First time I spent the entire day standing up out the saddle using body weight to keep up any kind of speed, knees pretty sore.

If I’m being honest I’m really not enjoying this trip. Arrived at 6.35pm.

Expenditure $29.27

  1. kiblerdm says:

    Sounds like a rough day and it has been windy today. By the way where would you like me to put your bike? 928.261.5778.

  2. sanbenacres2 says:

    You did have a rough day. I am sure the Fortuna Pass looked beautiful. I am glad you had some down hill riding. Hang in there, Ben
    Praying for your strength to increase. Hope your last days on this ride are much better.

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