Day 63: San Diego – Balboa Park

Posted: May 13, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Starbucks coffee was better than yesterday, spent an hour sorting out warm showers hosts along the coast, I plan to set off tomorrow morning and be in Los Angeles by the weekend.

San Diego really is a beautiful city – have decided to revisit Balboa Park because it was a scrum there on Sunday! The Park dates from 1872 to 1909 – called then simply ‘City Park.’

1915 San Diego hosted the Panama – California Exposition, celebrating the opening of the Panama Canal and future trade, closer business and cultural links between North and South America. This exposition meant the entire park was developed with exquisite buildings, exotic botanic gardens, giant trees, significant landscaping and easier access thanks to the Cabrillo Bridge.





I bought a $5 day travel card which so far I’ve accumulated 6 x $2.50 and 2 x $2.25 fares on = Total of $19.50


Just took the trolly bus (tram) down to Tijuana. Very touristy and busy – I prefer Algodones far more to be honest. An observation I’ve made is that it seems that as you travel south of San Diego perhaps 60-80 are Mexican or Hispanic; which begs the question, if America is spending MILLIONS defending the border from illegals HOW can they tell which are residents and which are non residents? I didn’t notice police randomly stopping and asking for papers from everyone so how do they work it out? Am I missing something here…?

Expenditure $12.95


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